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I was in line for brown belt when I moved and changed to a different USSD dojo. The sensei there never trained me in brown belt material. In class he'd take me away from my brown or green belt partner and send me down to work with the white belts. He'd never teach me brown belt material although he taught it to his pet students who were a couple ranks below me.

I was supposed to have a private lesson every week where I'd get specific, personal training for improving my skills and moving up in rank. The sensei would disappear after a couple minutes to either train other students or sit in his office and get on the computer or just yak with other people. He'd come out a minute before my lesson was up, which wasn't enough time to do anything with.

I was paying almost $200/month, yet I was treated with disrespect and made a laughing stock in the class. I was an older student, and obviously not a jock, but I took my martial arts training very seriously. I tried everything I could think of and gave the school every chance I could, but it became painfully obvious that the sensei saw me as a permanent white belt despite the color I was wearing around my waist. And I'm now too old and too disheartened to start over with another school and another style.

I honestly can't recommend USSD to anyone. I'm sure there are martial arts schools that treat their students with respect and give them their money's worth in training. USSD is not one of them.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #968841

You probably had an assistant instructor. Dont get fooled by the red belt.

I had my red belt when I was an orange belt. I was a great teacher bit I couldn't teach brown belt material. I really agree with a lot of you . the business doesn't have the quality because they Dont have 300 masters.

Most of their teachers are still at blue belt level. They have their black belts but don't know how to use any of it. Just know the moves.

And that's why when you go from one school to another they explanation will be different. It wasn't until I transfered into a school with a master in it that I was able to notice this.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #905942

Try finding an American Kenpo school. Ed Parker's American Kenpo, as well as dojo's that teach the related Tracy System, have always been very welcoming, accommodating, affordable and professional.

They usually won't push you into believing that they are the original true source of real martial arts or any of the other tactics USSD tries. In fact, if you have an AKKI or IKKA sponsored dojo in your area, it is well worth it. And, because all Kenpo/Kempo evolved out of the Chuan-Fa system, there are common roots, principals and concepts that you'd adapt to very easily.

Advancement should come easier for that very reason.

Ventura, California, United States #884899

I was a student at the dojo in Carp.CA. The instructor there had his own adgenda and would only advance when he needed the money.

I never got the instruction I needed to improve or advice to help me with my stances. There was very sloppy work done there. He is no longer there but he humiliated me in front of the class.

I'm older and I needed both knees replaced. I would like to go back and try someplace else but now I'm gun shy .

to Shieldmaiden Los Angeles, California, United States #968843

There is a reason they split in half and the other half became zultimate. If you want good beginner training take jijutisu or goto the community center.

Find an instructor not motivated by money. Ussd has over 300 schools . there is no way they can keep a handful of quality instructors . some schools are good some schools are bad.

If you were in my school you would have a check list and when you knew the material you could test. If you failed then younshoukdnt have told me you were ready.

Santa Barbara, California, United States #732038

My son Brennan goes to the Dojo in Santa Barbara Ca, could not be more happy. All this ragging on USSD is a joke.

Parents will not get ripped off year after year, that simple. Most people post *** and don't leave an e-mail or anything if you want a great school ussd is great, not to say there are some that are not but im 100% satisfied mware14343@aol.com

San Francisco, California, United States #700147

WAHH! :cry USSD only cares about money?

AMERICA only cares about money! And all your in-effective complaining only serves as further proof of your ignorance. If you don't like how your money/country is being run, or how the money is handled, get off you a** and DO SOMETHING about it instead of whining like a bunch of little squealing piggies on the internet blaming a company like USSD or Z Ultimate for only trying to survive like every other American Co. in this hellish American economy.

I have dealt with these companies plenty, and I can tell you that most of the complaints on here are from people who probably didn't read the contract they signed when registering. If the instructor didn't inform you of these policies when you started, well then, they suck. THAT'S STILL NO EXCUSE FOR YOU NOT READING THE "FINE PRINT". THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SURE THING.

Grow up people.

Goleta, California, United States #681854

Untied Studios of Self Defense is a crooked organization !!! They are not giving me a refund for money pulled out if my account after we canceled and why I call I am treated so poorly !!!! Very sad

to Christine Los Angeles, California, United States #968845

Christine I am sure they told you that it was not their doing that it was Advantage Billing or something like that. The problem here is that thats the billing company.

By law I cannot call advantage billing and speak on your behalf and unenroll your child. I can only notify advantage billing that your no longer taking classes. However advantage requires a 30 day notice from you. If you did not fax them or send them a cancelation notice they will charge you until you do.

Its not USSD. Ussd Dont bill you they get a big check from advantage. If they had to be on the phone with advantage or take payment in the office all day then there would t be anytime for teaching.

There really is not any teaching g going on in group class anyways. Group classes are for practice and the private lesson is for learning.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #608355

I trained in Anthem Hills and the instructor there is the worst. They did not tell me about the testing fees and the masters class you must attened at 100 a pop every other month.

Oh and each "masters" class is a variation of the same thing as the last one.

But the fees it was 80 to test for a yellow belt 150 for green belt and from what i am told it is 300 for each stripe on your brown belt. They do teach some good stuff but some of it would never work, ever.

to The worst of the worst #644083

everyone thinks ( master black) is so outstanding.if that is so true why do hey have unprofessional ways in there dojos

to ussdhater Los Angeles, California, United States #968847

Of course some of it will never work. Do you think the 50 strike combo is designed to hit them 50 times.

No. Its so that you keep moving and understand the waterfall. Its so that you have confidence and that at least one of the strikes will hit. Martial arts is not about the technique its about learning the discipline of yourself.

The confidence to not be afraid and stand your groundm your gonna get hit. I never heard this before , that you had to take the master class.

is that something they do there because the master is there. I used to be a Ussd instructor but they did me wrong and I left them however I have found some schools of theirs that are 100s and I have found some of their schools to be negative 10


I will not go through the trouble of personally calling out individual instructors, as I believe at one point, their hearts were in a place that were right instead of inline waiting for the bucks to roll in... BUT...their business practices are an entire other story!!!!!

They paid their instructors as independent contractors...even though they told them what to do and when to work...which meant they could virtually eliminate worker's comp insurance. When my family member was injured (as an employee) and could no longer work there, he was out on his rear. No worker's comp to cover his rehab and healing...no doctor's coverage... NOTHING.

Their attitude? He just didn't want it bad enough. I cannot abide by nor recommend to anyone a company that treats its most valuable resources...their employees...with such a high disregard . Now they are in the midst of a lawsuit with former instructors who chose to split off from USSD and begin a new company...

USSD split once before over Charles Mattera's (not sure of the spelling) and the other former founder's (sorry, don't remember his name) egos... No surprise that as he comes to more and more believe in his own greatness that more choose to separate from his rule...


USSD is all about the money. I too studied with them.

My instructor would start then get on his phone or computer. His main concern was for me to ' babysit' the other few females. He expected me to put in extra time to instruct these students so he did not have to. He allowed a bully to become his next red belt helper.

He paid him, he was he favorite. He refused to pay me, even though I was doing the same job. He allowed anyone who threatened to leave and go to z ultimate to advance in rank. Even if they did not deserve it.

I had to work for my belt. The people going to his church sailed thru. Pay the tuition and buy your belt is their motto.

Please save your money and go elsewhere. Even if you do not choose z ultimate, you have prevented one crooked company from getting more cash

to Anna #644081

i cant stand this company.its like a 3 ring circus.i also noticed they cant keep the same instructor


Just do what I do & go drunk. ;)


First, while USSD may not be fore some, there are many for whom it is has been a life changing experience. Not all instructors are like the one mentioned in the article above.

Second, for the person who said MMA and Krav Maga were good for self defense but Kempo was not.

You do not know what you are talking about. While Krav is a good form of self defense MMA is not and for that mnatter Jiujitsu is not either. Jiu Jitsu is a sport oriented art, like Taekwondo it has rules and regulations, not to mention trying to choke someone while rolling around on the ground just isn't practical. Imagine the guy you are attmepting to choke has 3 friend who then begin kicking your head like a soccer ball while you are making your submission attempt.

Kempo is not rules based nor sport based. it is a totally nasty form of martial art, developed to personal safety and protection. Many of the techniques taught are done so with the practical aspect in mind..

being able to overwhelm your opponent with strikes, kicks, locks from a mobile position. Dont bash what you dont know!

to James #1032419

You obviously have zero experience in Jiu-

jitsu to make such a ridiculous example. Don't bash what you don't know!


First of all in an age of MMA, Krav Maga, and a host of excellent Reality Based Martial Arts, Kenpo Karate isn't a good choice for Self-Defense. It is a waste of time and money.

After I made the time, energy, and financial commitment and got to the advanced class at USSD, it took me a while to figure out THEY DON'T TEACH NEW MATERIAL IN THE GROUP CLASS. One has to pay for the HIGH PRICED private classes to learn new material for one's next belt.



Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #287763

It's *not* Kempo , it was never Kempo , merely watered kajukenbo that villari got from Cerio , do some checking behind Villari there folks. And the scam is just the same right up through USSD and all the other permutations.

And the villari USSD apologists can *** me , very rarely can any of you folks *defend* yourselves , much less actually fight a lick.

You *do not* " train at the Shaolin Temple" . you take a vacation trip there and call it " training".

Before you start with *me* , I *burned* a USSD Sandan certificate , and I have a standing challenge on the mat to any and all Villari of USSD system black belts , including a;; the ones that went from purple or blue to black overnight.

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