My daughter enrolled at $200 per month and attended every class with vigor. To make a very long story short, when we moved, we were told that she should have never received the belt rank she had, and that she didn't know half of what she should have.

I was not surprised by this because after she won trophies in the annual tournament, it was almost like they quit teaching her. She was ready for challenges, yet was being placed with white and yellow belts. I brought this to their attention several times, but to no avail. I witnessed other children being brought in and treated better with lower monthly rates than ours after I started raising questions on the caliber of education.

It's disappointing to me to see an organization that focuses so much on profit instead of teaching kids like they claim. Someone else mentioned it was like a used car sales every time and they are right on. Every time I walked in I was being pitched...$$$ every single time.

I've found several other schools that offer good quality teaching and don't make you buy ONLY THEIR GEAR. I'm just sorry my daughter had to be lied to every time she had class, being told she was excelling when in reality, she wasn't being taught anything new.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Welcome to the real world. Life is about Dollors and cents.

We as parents need to embrace the good with the bad. We critique other and yet I've too have seen parents leave their children for an hour, like if the Karate location is a day care. Let's teach our childern not hinder their abilities.

In other words, STOP complaining.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #968835

A lot of their schools Dont have good teachers. Some just know how to run businesses and Dont know how to provide quality teaching.

I am a former instructor for Ussd and I may not necessarily agree with some of the pitching that goes on in some schools but I always taught great quality in my school. I am only making comment on this old post because of the only buy their gear post. I used to think it was marlarky until I saw a student get their eye almost knocked out the socket. By a simple defect in the gear that wasn't ours.

Our insurance company at least at the time only covered certain manufactures of products and we know that all products from Bushido martial arts are insurance approved. Would you want me to knowingly allow your child to spar against someone with weighted gloves. Or if the open face mask gear that was bought from the karate school down the road was defected and your child got a broken nose. Who would be liable.

The gear issues is definitely for the safety of your child and our liability. But you are absolutely right about quality of teachings. Because USSD has 300 schools if you want good application training you need find a school with a master in the school. If not your only learning techniques.

White , yellow, orange and purple are technique levels. You Dont really have to know how to use it to get promoted you just need to know the technique. However a master will be picky and start your application early. I didn't learn my applications until blue belt and I didnt really learn anything until after I got my black belt.

Its when you get your black belt and realize that you still know nothing. That you begain to actually learn that your still a white belt. The purpose of the first five belts is so that you feel accomplishment. People are lazy and want to move up the rank system.

The color system of Chinese martial arts does not exist.

When your white belt turned black from all your sweat and blood then you were a black belt. First thing someone should ask though is what is Shaolin Kempo Karate?


USSD is a joke. My 5 year old daughter is already a yellow belt and shortly after that they wanted to test her for orange.

The instructor told my wife, they will pass her either way. I went to see her class to see whats up. Pigeon toed uncoordinated kids are running around in purple, green and brown belts.

Ussd is stroking the parents for $190/mo giving awards to the kids they didn't earn. We are switching to a different club.

to Zolt Szorenyi #644086

at the school i went to,the instructor didnt care if you knew the material or not.they would still pass you to the next belt just to keep you motivated.they are so full of ***!

to Zolt Szorenyi Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #968837

I used to be a teacher for USSD I had one instructor that told me to pass a student all the way up to blue belt however when I moved into a school with a master in it. I never saw that happen.

This is the break down and should work this way. A student should be able to go from white belt to yellow belt in 2 to 4 weeks. Keep in mind the white belt was given to you. It was not earned.

However I been in some USSD schools where you had to earn your white belt. Mine was one of them. You actually wear the belt your earning. For example when you get your yellow belt or not really a yellow belt .

you completed your white belt and now working on the yellow belt . your always one belt behind. The USSD system is not designed to teach you application at the lower belt levels. USSD is about teaching g instructors.

That's their survival. There looking for instructors. That's why they have the blue belt / black belt academy that cost an arm and a leg. So its not uncommon to see a student go from white to yellow in two weeks and then 4 to 6 weeks later orange and then 3 to 5 months later purple.

You should be a purple belt by the end of the year. Most of my student quit because they were an orange belt too long and went to other schools because they weren't advancing in my school. So some people just want a belt. So here here is one to keep you here.

That's how it goes.

it's whether or not we pass you pass the purple belt. When you have purple belts that beat up your green belts something's not right.

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